Automatic Transmission Specialist Sydney

Today’s cars are engineered to precision, with each major component requiring extensive knowledge and experience to service, diagnose, and repair problems properly. We are the automatic transmission specialist in Sydney who knows that asking the right questions and listening to both the owner and the gearbox is the only way to pinpoint the cause of the problem accurately. We then combine this information with our extensive knowledge of automotive gearboxes.

Servicing Your Transmission

Automatic transmissions are a complex electronic & pressure controlled unit which rely on delivery of clean/filtered lubricants to all parts of the transmission. It is also essential to ensure that your transmission oil is effectively cooled. These measures ensure an extended life of the many moving internal parts of the transmission, and early intervention is key in avoiding unnecessary costs to repair your transmission.

Around 60% of vehicles with transmission problems that come through our workshop have failed because of lack of servicing. All automatic transmissions are serviceable despite what you may have heard and servicing is key to detecting and identifying potential premature failures in your transmission.

Transmission Fluids

Using the correct fluids in your transmission is vital. Todays’ transmissions require the use of manufacturer recommended fluids. Use of the wrong fluid can have a major impact and can cause transmission failure. At Gearbox Solutions we have all the fluids necessary for all makes and models designed for your transmission. Please ensure your repairer is using the correct fluids.

Common Transmission Failures

The valve body or mechatronics unit – Most workshop scanners will detect faults associated with electrical, solenoid & sensor issues, however, our hands on experience with valve body symptoms means that in many cases we are able to identify faults that a scanner may not detect. When we test drive your vehicle we can, in most cases accurately diagnose and quote you for repairs. We continue to update our specialised tools and testing equipment for valve body repairs which we carry out in-house.

Why Gearbox Solutions Is the Transmission Specialist in Sydney

All of our reconditioned transmissions are completely stripped, inspected and cleaned. We install new parts – Gaskets, seals, clutches, piston rings, bands & filter. The valve body is completely stripped, cleaned & vacuum tested to ensure the valves are operating correctly, any worn valves are then reamed and replaced with oversized valves. All our reconditioned transmissions also come with a reconditioned torque converter.

We have been in the business for many years, and we know gearboxes – manual and automatic. Our philosophy is that all gearboxes can be opened and repaired, which is often a cost-effective solution. In addition:

  • We carry an extensive stock of new (replacement) and reconditioned gearboxes that we have thoroughly tested. This means that we can usually replace a faulty gearbox immediately. However, if we do not have your particular model in stock, we can repair and recondition your existing gearbox.
  • As a gearbox specialist in Sydney, we also perform deep servicing of all gearboxes. This task is not necessarily performed as routine maintenance of the vehicle but increases the transmission’s lifespan considerably.
  • We ship our reconditioned gearboxes anywhere in Australia and accept units from all over. Our rates are very competitive, considering the weight of the gearboxes, and all reconditioned units carry a standard warranty of excellent quality.

If you feel the gears grinding or the ratio changes are not smooth, we will diagnose the problem and have our automatic and manual gearbox specialist investigate. Call us today.

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