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The Leading Causes of Preventable Automatic Gear Box Repairs in Newcastle, NSW

All vehicles experience problems from time to time, even the latest models after being driven for thousands of miles. Because we expect a few issues to arise, we don’t usually feel anything more than frustration when we need to visit the mechanic. Of course, we’d rather not have to pay for vehicle repairs, but it doesn’t affect us too severely provided the problems aren’t acute. However, misdiagnosed gearbox issues can lead to needlessly expensive maintenance, and most of the time, nobody is to blame.

Sometimes, even qualified mechanics can mistake strange sounds and odd smells for the wrong problem because they’re symptoms of so many potential issues. It’s crucial to choose a workshop that not only uses the very latest tools and equipment to diagnose the issue accurately but also listens to what you’ve been experiencing to decipher what the cause of the problem is. Even some of your driving habits can signal to the mechanics that you need an automatic gear box repair in Newcastle, NSW, and if you’re looking for a workshop that always asks the right questions, you’ve come to the right place.

At Gearbox Solutions, we have over four decades of direct industry experience, making us one of the most qualified companies to handle automatic gear box repairs in NSW. Our friendly professionals understand the importance of listening to your experiences to decipher the root of the problem, but we also use the latest diagnostics equipment to further our investigation. We want to carry out the correct repairs the first time, and we only use high-quality replacement parts to ensure such repairs are long-lasting and high-value. However, because we know you’d rather keep the need for repairs to a minimum, we’ve offered a few preventative tips below.

Things That Can Lead to Gearbox Issues

If you’d rather avoid spending your hard-earned cash on gear box repairs for as long as possible, you might want to keep the following information in mind:

  • City driving: Some people think that the slow nature of city driving is good for a vehicle, but that’s far from the truth. Because you need to regularly maintain a slow speed, the 2nd and 3rd synchromesh in your automatic gear box can wear quickly.
  • Towing in overdrive: Drivers of manual cars will know that the easiest way to ascend while hauling is to remain in a low gear, but automatic vehicles might go into overdrive attempting to increase your fuel economy. Unfortunately, the stress that places on your gearbox can soon lead to problems, so turn your overdrive setting off when towing a trailer or caravan.
  • Neglecting issues: If you ever notice that something’s amiss but assume it’s nothing to worry about, you should think again. Even seemingly insignificant issues will exacerbate into severe problems if left alone, so contact our professionals the minute you think your car requires an automatic gear box repair in Newcastle.

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