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Three Signs It’s Time to Think About Repairs, New Fluids, or Servicing Your Manual Transmission in Newcastle

Our cars offer us incredible convenience and versatility, and in a country like Australia, the ability to travel at will is vitally important for many people. From getting to and from work to fetching groceries and picking up the kids from school, we rely on our vehicles in many ways every day. We need them to be reliable — and when they aren’t, it turns it into a major source of stress and anxiety. With proper and regular maintenance of your critical systems, you can work to maintain that reliability. Like every type of machine, though, wear and tear does take a toll. Problems can arise in between maintenance periods that catch you off guard.

Any issues with your transmission, be it manual or automatic, can potentially be serious. From time to time, it’s crucial for you to find someone capable of servicing your transmission near Newcastle. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation where you get stuck! At Gearbox Solutions, many of the manual transmission issues we see stem from missed or ignored maintenance requirements. How do you know when something might be wrong? Consider these three most common signs that say it could be time to call Gearbox Solutions for manual transmission maintenance near Newcastle.

How to know when you need manual transmission maintenance in Newcastle

First, grinding and shaking are the most common signs of a problem with your vehicle. Does your car sound noisy even when it’s sitting in neutral? There could be a problem you need remedied. These often indicate problems with internal wear or lubrication, which can ultimately lead to a more severe failure.

Second, a burning smell after driving alongside several jerking or even dropping out of the right gear often indicates an issue with the manual transmission in your car. It could be burning fluid, which happens with old and contaminated lubricant. If you’re driving as normal, try to shift, and feel the whole car jerk even though you know you moved the shifter correctly — it’s time to call.

Finally, if you spot transmissions fluids on the ground, it’s time to request manual transmission repairs around Newcastle. Leaking fluid may not indicate a problem that could cause immediate danger to the vehicle, but left unchecked, it could drain the system of vital lubrication. It is best to contact Gearbox Solutions to discuss your options for repairs.

Questions or concerns? Call our shop right away

Whether you’ve spotted one of these signs or you simply know it’s time to find a place to refresh your transmission fluids in Newcastle, Gearbox Solutions has the friendly, professional car care you need. Remember: the majority of vehicles experiencing transmission problems do so because of a lack of regularly scheduled maintenance. When preventing problems is as simple as turning to our team, there’s little reason to wait. Why deal with the anxiety that comes from a vehicle that’s not performing properly? Get back to a safe and enjoyable driving experience for your family. Ring us on (02) 9826 6669 for friendly, professional servicing today.

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