We take the time to understand the problems you are having with your vehicle

A successful service is all about asking the right questions to help identify the cause of the problem. This enables us to quote you as accurately as possible. We always endeavour to explain complex mechanical issues in simpler layman terms. You can feel confident and satisfied knowing that we’ll take the time to answer any questions you may have.

Differential Maintenance & Repairs in Sydney

Differential fluid reduces the heat caused by the friction of moving parts inside the differential. But friction and heat will progressively break down differential fluid. Worn-out differential fluid can lead to unreliable differential performance, noise, excessive wear, breakdown, or failure. Complete differential failure will result in your entire differential system needing to be replaced. Always be sure to refer to the owner’s manual in your vehicle when determining the proper service intervals for changing your differential fluid. A differential fluid service prepares your vehicle for new fluid by draining out the old fluid and replacing it with fresh differential fluid. During a fluid change, our service staff may inspect other differential components, like gears and shafts, for excessive wear so that the differential continues to work properly.

Heat from friction will gradually cause the differential fluid to break down, making it harder to keep the differential properly lubricated. Degraded differential fluid causes poor differential performance, excessive noise, and disproportionate wear. In severe causes, old fluid will eventually cause a differential breakdown, if not a complete differential failure, which means that your entire differential system will need to be replaced. Replacing an entire differential system is costly and can be avoided with routine maintenance as indicated by your owner’s manual, which will provide you with specific intervals for servicing your differential. Depending on your needs, when you undergo a differential service, various components of your differential system will be checked and possibly repaired or replaced in order to keep your vehicle running efficiently.

Tow Service

If your vehicle is not able to be driven, we have a tow service available for the Sydney Metro area. This is just another way we can save you money on your service.

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Free Diagnostics

For those of you that have the time to bring your vehicle to our premises, we offer a free scan and computer diagnostics as well as a test drive from one of our friendly staff. This ensures that no unnecessary work is carried out on your car.

Huge Range Of Stock

We stock a large range of manual and automatic transmissions as well as diffs that are ready for installation. We may have one that you are looking for, if we do have the one you are after, we can in most cases have your vehicle in and out in the same day. This reduces the amount of time your car is off the road!

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