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Is the Gearbox in Your Audi Acting Up? When It’s Time for Service, Choose Transmission Repairs You Can Trust

Driving an Audi is a superlative experience. The superior aesthetics and the clean design characteristic of German engineering combine to make a care that’s just plain fun to drive. You do your part, too, trying to stick to maintenance milestones by doing things such as changing the oil on time and keeping up with other routine items listed in the manual. When was the last time you paid attention to your transmission, though? Especially if you drive an Audi with an automatic transmission, it can be difficult to remember that the car doesn’t “just work” while you drive. There’s a complicated mechanical system working every second in harmony to get you where you’re going.

Shifting from one gear to the next seamlessly is essential — otherwise you won’t be going anywhere. If you’ve started to notice problems, such as slipping gears, rough shifting, or strange performance problems, there may be a problem in your gearbox. Left unattended, it could become severe enough to render the vehicle immobile. With the potential size of the issue, it’s important to have any concerns examined promptly. When you need someone to speak to about Audi gearbox repairs, choose the crew at Gearbox Solutions. Here, we have the experience and the hands-on knowledge necessary to provide a complete service for Audi transmission repairs.

The Gearbox Solutions difference in service

Routine service for your gearbox can help prevent major problems such as a broken gear or a damaged transmission. When these major problems do occur, though, we take care to put all the right effort into the repair job. From stripping down components to their parts and examining everything for damage or other problems to re-assembling everything with practised precision, Gearbox Solutions treats your Audi as if it was one we drove ourselves. Not every transmission takes the same parts even if it comes from the same manufacturer, however. That is why we maintain a large stock of parts for many makes and models right in our shop. When we need a part, we don’t need to call out for it and force you to wait; we’ll often have it on hand, ready to incorporate into the repairs we’re performing. The result is service that puts you behind the wheel again sooner.

Arrange for Audi gearbox repairs with our team today

You don’t need to search far and wide for trustworthy Audi transmission service with the Gearbox Solutions team nearby. Are your transmission problems so large that they’ve left you stranded in a car park? No problem — we provide a tow service covering the Sydney metro area. We’ll pick your vehicle up, bring it in, and take a look at the problem in detail. If your car is still operable, a free test drive will allow us to pinpoint the problem and help you avoid any unnecessary maintenance. Keep your luxury vehicle in top condition and performing well. Contact us online here, or visit us at 401 Newbridge Road in Newbank.

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