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Do you ever feel as though there’s no end to the number of parts and components inside your engine bay that are critical for operating your vehicle? Every time you roll into the shop, it might feel as if something else is wrong. From the transmission to the oil pressure sensor and beyond, everything must work in harmony to keep you moving. Some of these components you may never notice during the normal life of a vehicle — but as the Kms on your odometer tick up, so does the risk of more uncommon problems.

One of the areas where these rarer issues can arise is the differential system. Without one, your wheels wouldn’t work in sync with one another; turning would be difficult, and you might not be able to control the car. Unfortunately, this isn’t the type of system that a layman can service — it’s not like changing your oil. When you start to recognise a problem, it could be time to come in for differentials repairs from Goulburn. That problem might be a sudden whistling sound, very poor handling, or strange clunking noises. Even if you aren’t experiencing an issue, higher mileage vehicles may be due for a differential fluid exchange to help reduce wear and prolong the life of the unit.

Differentials repairs in Dubbo for many makes and models

When you need differentials repairs in Bathhurst, Armidale, Dubbo, or Goulburn, place your trust in Gearbox Solutions. With four decades of experience in the shop, we’ve seen and handled just about every differential problem you can imagine. The easiest way to prevent these potential issues is to ensure that you change the fluid within the unit before it reaches a failure point. Though designed for a long life, the heat of friction and the introduction of metal contaminants ultimately compromise the fluid’s ability to lubricate the interior parts. As a result, it can lead to costly failures in high-mileage vehicles. Differentials repairs for Armidale residents such as changing the fluid require involved maintenance to access the unit. Your Gearbox Solutions mechanics understand how to execute this process with accuracy, thoroughness, and attention to detail. When the unit goes back into your vehicle, we’re certain you’ll find it returns your car to a perfectly drivable state.

Turn to the provider with 40 years of proven experience

When there is any indication that you may need to call upon someone familiar with differentials for repairs in Dubbo, don’t delay. The sooner you seek out maintenance — and the closer you can stick to your manual’s prescribed maintenance schedule — the simpler it will be to maintain a healthy vehicle. If you’ve noticed handling issues lately, especially with a high mileage vehicle, consider paying a visit to the pros at Gearbox Solutions. Our decades of experience and massive in-shop stock of parts allows us to conduct effective maintenance without delay. To request more information or to arrange for assistance from our shop when you live in Bathurst, Dubbo, Armidale or Goulburn, please call us on (02) 9826 6669.

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