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When to Find a Place for Manual Gear Box Repairs in Sydney

There are a lot of great things about driving a manual transmission car. You have more control over your vehicle, fuel economy is usually better than in automatic transmission vehicles (at least up until recent model years), and driving is just more fun. Manual transmissions are also usually less complex than their automatic counterparts, which means they don’t tend to develop as many issues. Eventually, though, even the most well-built manual transmission will need a fix. When it does, you’ll need a place to go for manual gear box repairs in Sydney. Who can you trust?

At Gearbox Solutions, we hope that you will give us a shot next time you need help with your manual gear box in Sydney. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we know our way around a manual transmission. Using computer diagnostics, test drives and our technical know-how, we can figure out the issue with your gear box and fix it in a fair, cost-effective fashion.

Four Signs That Your Manual Gear Box Needs a Repair

Our team at Gearbox Solutions is happy to look at your transmission whenever you need. If you think there is a problem but want to make sure you don’t pay money for unnecessary work, just bring the car to us. We will perform a free, zero obligation diagnostic procedure and explain exactly what is going wrong. From there, you decide whether to fix the problem now and whether you want to do so with us.

Here are a few red flags that should encourage you to pursue a manual gear box repair in Sydney:

  1. Shifting becomes more difficult: If you are having trouble getting your vehicle to shift gears—as in, it is physically difficult to manipulate the gear box—then bring it in for a repair. The problem could be something simple, like low clutch fluid, or it could be a sign that the transmission transaxle assembly has gone bad. Either way, it’s good to get a professional opinion.
  2. The car won’t stay in gear: A manual transmission clutch receives a lot of abuse over its lifetime, often because of unskilled drivers. Someone who doesn’t know how to shift the transmission properly can rapidly burn and damage the clutch. The better you are at driving a stick shift car, the longer your clutch will last. If your transmission starts slipping out of gear, though, that might be a sign that the clutch is on its last legs.
  3. The vehicle is making strange noises: The noise to watch for with a damage manual transmission is a loud clanging when the engine is idling. This sound could be a few different things, among them the rattling and banging of loose gears and clutch parts. In any case, a checkup is worth your time.
  4. Transmission fluid is leaking: Any fluid leak is worth a closer look. Transmission fluid is red, so look for it on the concrete or pavement underneath where you park your car.

Bring Your Car in Today for Manual Gear Box Repairs in Sydney

If you need someone to take a look at your manual gear box in Sydney, give us a call at Gearbox Solutions. We would be happy to perform a free diagnostic check and give you a free quote. Ring us on (02) 9826 6669 to get in touch.

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